3 Kinds of People who Judge

There are 3 kinds of people. 1. Intellectual – who understands everything in its context without judgement and finally when takes a judgement call when the time comes. 2. Simple Man – who lives in his small world and senses everything that is impacting his small world and take a judgement call when the time […]

Sri Suktam – SamaVeda

Prayer to Godess Lakshmi – సూక్తం తాత్పర్యం ఓ అగ్నిదేవా! బంగారు మేని ఛాయ గల, పాపాలను నాశనము చేసే, బంగారు మరియు వెండి ఆభరణాలతో అలంకరించబడిన, చంద్రుని వలె చల్లగా ఆహ్లాదకరంగా, సువర్ణమయమైన యున్న మహాలక్ష్మిని నా కొరకు ఆవాహన చేయుము. ఎవరి కరుణ, కటాక్షములతో నాకు బంగారము, ఆవులు, గుర్రాలు, బంధువులు సంప్రాప్తమైనవో ఆ మహాలక్ష్మిని నా వద్దకు ఆవాహనము చేయుము. ఆమె నా వద్ద నుండి వీడిపోకుండా చూడుము. గుర్రాలతో ఉన్న […]

Classification of People

There are 4 classes of people. Consider each classification as bottle of colors brown, yellow, orange,  violet. Every person is a mix of all these colors only with varying proportions so we have million people with million variations of colors. This is why this system is called Varna System. While every person has qualities of […]


Daivam – That which Influences the entities in its vicinity. Deva – Daivam whose nature is predominantly masculine. —- River influences its surrounding in a positive way and its nature is femenine so River is considered as Devatha —- The wholesum of the universe is called Eeshwaera. This wholesum both masculine and femenine so is […]

śuddhosi buddhosi niraɱjano’si – Markandeya Puranam

This song made my day today. So beautiful, soulful, deeply philosophical and essential of human life. Meaning: Madalasa says to her crying son: “You are pure, Enlightened, and spotless. Leave the illusion of the world and wake up from this deep slumber of delusion.” “My Child, you are Ever Pure! You do not have a […]

Samayamaa Lyrics – Anthariksham

  చిత్రం          : అంతరిక్షం 9000 KMPH నటినటులు : వరున్ తేజ్, లావన్య త్రిపాటి, అధితి హైదరి దర్శకుడు    : శంకల్ప రెడ్డి సంగీతం     : ప్రషాంత్ R విహారి రచన          : అనంత శ్రీ రామ గాత్రం         : యజిన్ నిజర్ &  హరిని Violin       : శాండిల్య P Year      […]

Space and its Energies

We might think a space (a room, a house, a street, an office, a city, a country) is simply a geographic area. While the geography is a physical dimension of the space, there is spiritual dimension to the space. spiritual dimension is defined by the overall sum of energy forms in that geographical boundary. The […]

Caste System vs Jati/Varna System

Thanks to the british who messed up indian society through institutionalizing a RIGID Classification System. To understand indian version of statificatrion of society, it principally draws inspiration from the nature (PRAKRUTI). Let us understand how rice is classified. – Every rice grain that is produced in america or india is a rice. – Qualities of […]

Understanding Modi Govt – Ayurvedic Perspective

Imagine country like a human. Each human is an individual cell in the human. A human can be healthy when three functionalities in the body are in balance. —— VATA – Knowledge & Movement  (How well the blood and energy from food is reaching individual cell. How well the money and goods & services are reaching […]

Understanding an Application

Everything in the world can be understood using these three abstractions Vata Pitta Kapha In a Hindu Worldview, the universe is understood by these three god Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara. The natures of universe is classified under these three devas. Brahma – Kapha, Vishnu – Pitta, Maheshwara – Vata