Evolution of a Human

It took 4.5 Billion years since the Earth has formed for the first man to evolve Below is methodology / evidence that support the theory of evolution This again reminds me of ‘Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande‘ (As is Human, So is Cosmos)

Yatha Pinde Tatha Brahmande

The above stone carving is the finest expression of ancient Indian Thought imbued in stone. Amazed at the Jaw-dropping rhythm and movement in the design of a very intricate carving depicting holographic nature of universe at Ranakpur Jain Temple, Rajasthan built in 1437CE Each smaller carving is replica of larger one symbolizing the ancient Vedic […]

Religion vs Dharma

Indian Civillization is originally Dharmic System which is Flexible Social System. It is Rigid and yet Open to change. Ever wonder how India with 12 Billion people are living with reasonable peace? I don’t think any western society can live the same level of harmony with 12 Billion people in their society. They will become […]

Why are you obese? How to treat obesity?

An epidemic of the modern world. General free advise every one gives is reduce food and start exercise. Even doctors (sick). I was overweight and progressing towards obesity, and I know that it doesn’t work from my experience. I started watching youtube videos, gone over lot of blogs, videos of healthy cleansing diet. I started […]