Programmer point of view – Indian God vs Abrahamic God

// INDIAN CULTURE interface God { } interface Brahma extends God { function Create(el); } interface Sataswati extends God{ function getKnowledge(el); } class Human implements Brahma, Saraswati{ function Create(el){ … } function getKnowledge(el){ … } } Human uma = new Human() God g = uma g.Create(‘pen’) System.out.println(g.getKnowledge(‘pen’)) // WESTERN CULTURE class God{ function Create(el){ … […]

Perspective of Hinduism

Hinduism is evolution of philosophical outlook towards the universe and human over a period of 4000 years in indian subcontinent. This is why there is no strict doctrine that you should believe. It is open for seeker and guidance for a follower to a satisfied life that is good for the self and the society. […]