Caste System vs Jati/Varna System

Thanks to the british who messed up indian society through institutionalizing a RIGID Classification System. To understand indian version of statificatrion of society, it principally draws inspiration from the nature (PRAKRUTI). Let us understand how rice is classified. – Every rice grain that is produced in america or india is a rice. – Qualities of […]

Understanding Modi Govt – Ayurvedic Perspective

Imagine country like a human. Each human is an individual cell in the human. A human can be healthy when three functionalities in the body are in balance. —— VATA¬†– Knowledge & Movement¬† (How well the blood and energy from food is reaching individual cell. How well the money and goods & services are reaching […]

Understanding an Application

Everything in the world can be understood using these three abstractions Vata Pitta Kapha In a Hindu Worldview, the universe is understood by these three god Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara. The natures of universe is classified under these three devas. Brahma – Kapha, Vishnu – Pitta, Maheshwara – Vata