Classification of People

There are 4 classes of people.

Consider each classification as bottle of colors brown, yellow, orange,  violet.

Every person is a mix of all these colors only with varying proportions so we have million people with million variations of colors. This is why this system is called Varna System.

While every person has qualities of all the colors, naturally each person is predominantly one or two colors (prakriti).

This can be altered through knowledge, determination and sustained association with people of another color.

i.e. a person whose mindset is originally an intellect can acquire the qualities of business class by learning intellect from a person from high business class quotient and sustained association with that person.

In Andhra Pradesh, Chowdary’s are most successful business class people as they are perceived as mix of high Intellect quotient and high Business class quotient.


Each Class can be observed through their Qualities with inclined Mindsets and are motivated differently Motivators



  1. Working Class – DO with Tunnel Vision

These people are simple minded whose focal elements are only Work and Pay for their work, Work Life Balance.

The get the best out of these people, You need to give

  • 5% above market average pay
  • Associate engagement
  • Specific Instructions on how to do the work
  • Best tools to do that work
  • People like consistency and clarity on work and reward.


  • Appreciation
  • Monetary reward


  1. Intellectual Class – Observe, Understand, Design with Clarity in Thinking

These people like complexity, intellectual challenges.

These people observe things, understand their natures and design the mechanism to achieve the intended results.

Challenge is to identify such person who has these qualities coupled with Clarity in Thinking.

Most organizations/teams fail because of not having right person in this position, which creates Inefficiencies leading to Friction leading to Frustration and Mayhem costing the team the opportunity to succeed.

Once if you can identify such person,

To get the best out of these people, You need to give them

  • Distinction
  • Satisfied Pay irrespective of market that is feasible for the business
  • Comfort he needed to give his best


  • Problem Solving


  1. Leader Class – People, Energy, Goal with Focus and Balance in Mind.

These people manage both Working Class and Intellectual Class to achieve the Goals

It takes a good leader to identify a good leader.

Poor Leaders destroy the Energy in the organization leading to Mediocre functioning of the organization.

They love people, They nurture the people aligning them naturally towards achieving the goals of the organization

As Jeff Welch Says, Their qualities are having

  • Positive Energy,
  • Energize Others,
  • Edge to take the decision
  • Execute the actions never leaving the focus from goal and having balanced mind.

To get the best out of these people, You need to give them

  • Skin in the game
  • Responsibility and Authority


  • Energy and Success


  1. Business Class – Results, Money, Control with Ethics

These people orchestrate the whole play in the organization to achieve results and there by money.

They get their energy through Control.

While these are profit driven, it is these people that sets everything in motion.

To get best of out them, you need to give them

  • Friendship, Partnership and Power


  • Achieving the result and Control
  • Politics
    • Specific outcome focussed.




About Uma Mahesh

A Creator/Equilizer. Creator/Equalizers are catalysts for positive, well-organized change. They never settle for the status quo. Instead, they see the opportunity for innovation in the processes that others have long taken for granted. They respect what's already operating, but they can't help but want to improve upon it. Their special combination provides innovation tempered with profound logic. They have incredible discernment. Should their efforts fail, they are unhesitating in accepting responsibility. They don't wallow in self-pity but rather see these missed attempts as critical steps on the path to success.

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